Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Operation: Use Your Stash

It's hard to believe that even though I am a beauty products junkie, I often buy and buy without using.  I think that half of the fun of being a collector is the hunt.

But if I'm going to continue to buy and not use then it makes no sense.  It has to stop.  So I'm forcing myself to start using my beauty products more often.  I've been doing this for nail polish for quite some time.  I have only been wearing new colors and trying to repeat until I've made it through all of my untrieds (which will take a million years).

From time to time I will post here about the products that I've tried and give you a mini review.  I'll get to work my way through my stash and review for you guys at the same time.  Win-win! :)

This look was fairly simple.  I really didn't feel like wearing a lot of product on my face.  Temperatures have been holding steady at 100degrees and above where I live.  For the past few months I'm lip gloss and maybe blush if I'm lucky.   

Eyes:  I used MAC Saddle (brown) and MAC Neutral Pink.  I believe neutral pink is from the discontinued MAC N Collection unless it has been re-released recently.  Scott Barnes mascara and MAC fluidline in Dipdown

Neutral pink is so neutral that I have to use a base ( I used Urban Decay primer potion) and pack the color on like crazy or it barely shows up on me. It kind of annoys me actually.  But for the sake of "using my stash:, I went with it.
Saddle is a staple color for me.  I don't wear eyeshadow daily, but when I do I almost always incorporate this color
The Scott Barnes mascara pretty much sucks and doesn't do anything for me. Not sure if its dried out or just an all around dud.  Will probably throw it out soon.
MAC Dipdown fluidline is a beautiful dark brown that I wore on my waterline.  I know people tend to use liner on their upper lid but I prefer my lower lashline or waterline.  MAC fluidlines stay put on my waterline and don't budge. 

Lips:  Bobbi Brown Honeysuckle creamy lip color and MAC Cultured lip glass. 

BB creamy lip colors are super super creamy.  One does not necessarily need a gloss on top with this but I always wear gloss with my lipsticks out of habit. 
Cultured lip glass is a color I've had for too long.  I probably need to throw it out or recycle back to MAC.  But I feel like I need to wear it a few more times...just cuz.  :)  It's a nice lighter pink that leans a teeny tad towards the thin side which I prefer.

Face:  MAC Warm Blend mineralize skinfinish.  Perfection.  I love this thing.  Why don't I pull it out everyday?  I don't know.  It bronzes, blushes and highlights me at the same time.  Love.  i don't remember what collection this came out with.  Someone please put it in the comments section if you remember

Verdict:  I need to use my MSF more, throw out the Scott Barnes mascara and recyle the Cultured lipglass to back to mac program.  See!  Using your stash does payoff.  haha!


  1. And here I thought I was the only one to buy buy buy and barely wear my makeup. LOL I think this is a great idea. Keep'em coming please. Thanks!

    Btw, do you swirl the skinfinish and apply the colors mixed, or do you swipe the colors separately? TIA

  2. @Tiffany--I take a big MAC 129 brush and swipe them across all the colors at the same time. I do this making sure that the darkest color is placed right under my cheekbone. Hope that makes sense! :)

  3. I love seeing makeup grouped together for some strange reason.

    Nice blog! =)