Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chanel Mail!! Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour

I received this amazing package in the mail and had to share.  And the best part about it....I didn't spend a DIME!   How is this so?  Trade Trade Trade!

I absolutely love swapping and trading online.  It's the best way to get new stuff without putting a hurtin' on your pocketbook.  Luckily for me I had something that an online buddy of mine wanted and she had these lovely Chanel polishes that I absolutely wanted.  A swap transaction made in heaven!

I love Chanel polishes and have been making it a point to grow my collection over the past few years. I love collecting them just as much as I love wearing them. Who would have thought that I would become a collector after once declaring that I would never spend that much money on a polish again.  But I forgive myself for that statement because at the time I didn't appreciate magnifigence of Chanel.  Ha ha.  Maybe one day I will write about my first Chanel polish.

So onto the goodies.  All of the polishes that I picked up in this trade were LE.  More often than not if it's a LE and I can get my hands on it, slam dunk.  One of these will be a backup for me and the rest are welcome newbies.  Actually as I type this I just rememered that Fire may not be LE.  I think it is still available outside of the US.

(Left to Right)   Rivera, Pulsion, Splendeur, Melrose, Steel and Fire

Until these arrived I didn't realize how many pinks I had selected or how close in color they were.  But they are different enough for me and since they are all limited edition I feel like I need them all.  LOL. Melrose is the lightest of group, followed by Riviera, then Pulsion and Splendeur.  My apologies for the blurry image below

Chanel Melrose (Rodeo Drive Collection), Riviera (2010) , Pulsion  (Holiday 2010), Splendeur (?)

So which should I wear first? 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

China Glaze Encouragement Nail Polish

Encouragement was released as a part of China Glaze's Fight Like a Woman for breast cancer awareness. This polish was a part of a trio, released with 2 other colors in the Fall of 2010. 

The color is a soft white with subtle silver flaky shimmer.  It's a pretty pink in the bottle but honestly didn't wow me when I tried it on.  Can't really say why, as it's not a bad color and did not clash with my skin tone.  But it just did not wow me personally. 

China Glaze Encouragement INDOOR lighting, NO FLASH

It is a very pretty and subtle pink that is very soft and leans towards white. The formula was pretty thick and I only used one coat.  I didn't have any problems with chipping but I only wore it for about 2 days so I can't really speak to it's long term wear

Close up, INDOOR lighting NO FLASH


Day 2 -Outside no flash

Overall I think this is a lovely soft pink for those that are into soft colors. What makes it unique from any other soft pink polish are the subtle flaky shimmers.  They were hard to capture but they are there.  It changes the texture to a sightly bumpy consistency. When I ran my fingers over my nails it was not a completely smooth surface.  Perhaps a really thick top coat would fix this if its a concern


What do you think of this Encouragement?  Do you own it or anything similar?

Catching Up

Hey there!!  I'm alive and well for those who are wondering. If anyone is wondering why I may randomly featuring older nail polishes it's because I'm attempting to work through my untrieds.  For those of you who are not beauty collectors, hoarders, lovers or what ever your term of endearment for yourself may be, let me explain.
Untrieds in the world of beauty/cosmetics is what we collectors call our untried products.  Simple, right?  Due to the low price point of (most) polishes one will find that nail polish collectors are often guilty of having a sea of untried polishes.  I may do the same and feature some older cosmetics or beauty products. 

At the same time I will do my best to stay current as well.  Please feel free to contact me with requests

I'm not going to make an commitments on how often I will be posting because I don't want to break any promises. But I am really going to attempt to stay active.  Although I've been away from this blog for a while, I am still active on reading up on other beauty/polish blogs and forums.   I have a lot to talk about!

Looking forward to it!  Please join me on my beauty escapades.....