Tuesday, September 27, 2011

CND Anchor Blue and Sally Hansen Effect in Girl Flower

Where do I start?  CND polish in general is a dream to use for me.  The formula is so thick and creamy it applies like a dream.  Anchor Blue is a bright blue creme that really comes to life on the nails. Wearing the color actually put me in a good mood.  Weird.  I had no complaints about this color or the formula. 

CND Anchor Blue #544

I decided to pair my manicure with Sally Hansen Effects in Girl Flower.  These nail effects are very cutesy and I've collected quite a few since they first came out.  This was the first one that I actually wore and hey are said to last up to 10 days, although I didn't wear them that long.  It was easy to apply and really looked like actual nail polish once applied the nail.  Just be sure to push your cuticles back and apply it as close as possible so there is not a gap between the pattern and the actual nail.  I applied this mani in a hurry and didn't wrap the tips so apologies for the messy nails

I chose to only use on on each hand as an accent. Using them on all 10 nails at a time is a bit much (for me).  But I tend to lean toward the conservative side when it comes to nail art so 2 accent nails is a lot for me.  Those of you are are more into nail art will probably love these effects as a full mani.  I say so for it!

I pulled out some other blues to compare and I couldn't find and exact dupe for there are some that come very close.  The closest one being OPI Orge The Top Blue (which I love to pieces).

SH Blue Me Away, Zoya Robyn, OPI Orge the Top Blue, CND Anchor Blue, Orly Calypso Breeze

CND nail colours are available for purchase at beautybrands.com. Also at other various retail locations.

What CND colors do you currently have or want to try?

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