Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eye Shadow Palette --Initial thoughts

These are just initial thoughts because I don't yet own the palette.  But after swatching it today, I'm going back to get it.


So for today's escapade I found myself in Ulta.  I was there to use my Ulta Rewards coupon when I spotted the Urban Decay Anniversary display again.  I'd seen it two times before but resisted.  I don't know what drew me to try it this time because I own all of the UD Book of Shadows, the Naked Palette and the Ammo Palette.  Plus I really don't need 15 new shadows all at once.  I don't even wear eye shadow everyday.

But somehow I found myself hovering over the tester and the next thing I knew I was swatching the back of my hand.  As always the texture of these shadows were perfect.  They glided on my hand with no effort and were deeply pigmented with the slightest swipe.

15 year Anniversary Collection features 15 new shadows

At first I only swatched a few, but then I went back and had to try out the rest.  At that point I was trying to justify in my head if I really needed them.

Quick in store swatches with no base

I swatched all but the black because I figured it was just black.  These photos were taken in my car from my cell phone just to give you guys an idea.  Very pigmented and no base was used.  I could have used a heavier hand but was just swatching lightly. 

For those of you who have never used Urban Decay shadows, they rarely disappoint in the formula department.  Velvety and smooth and oh so pigmented!  The downside can be that a large majority of them are shimmer/shiny.  What comes with shimmer shadows?  Fallout.

In this particular palette it appears that all of their shadows have some type of sparkle, sheen or frost.  The only color that is a matte is the black, which I did not swatch

All of my swatches are in random order.  I was just trying to fit them on my hand.  I'm going to cave and get this palette before it's too late even though I already own 2.1 million shadows.   Let me know if you would like to see a full review later

This palette was released back in July as a Limited Edition. Retails for $55 in select stores.