Monday, October 15, 2012

Sephora Friends and Family Sale starts OCTOBER 18th!!!

I was relieved to read on another blog that the Sephora Friends and Family sale is coming up on October 18th through the 31st.  Back flips would be in order if I were a cartoon character celebrating a victory.

I missed out on the Urban Decay sale last week and also a promo the week prior. Missing the Urban Decay sale was particularly hurtful for me because I just recently remembered that they use paypal.  I like to use paypal whenever possible because the funds in my paypal account are like "play" money for me and I'm not dipping into my personal account.  Whenever I sell things online I tend to keep a little money in my paypal to splurge on random purchases.  This is why I call it play money.  But I digress.

I plan to make my list and take FULL advantage of the Sephora sale. The only downside is that things sell out so quickly (popular items that is) so I am going to try and act fast.

I don't have details on how it will work this year as far as if it will be in store only or online.  I'm sure these details will surface over the coming days and I will update here for those who want to know. I hope it's in store because then you don't have to worry about meeting the $50 minimum for free shipping.  But on the plus side if it ends up being online there's always ebates and other rebate sites that you can use. Every penny helps, right? 

A few NARS and Urban Decay items come to mind immediately. What are you planning for this time around?

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